Thursday 12 June 2014

Toledo Spain

Toledo is located in central Spain about 70 km from Madrid. A UNESCO world heritage centre.
The tour took us to a scenic spot for photographs.
View of the Alcantara bridge over the river Tagus.
The bridge was built by the Romans.

Tagus river surrounds Toledo on three sides due to how the river bends.
The Tagus river is the longest on the Iberian Peninsula and
runs across Spain and Portugal 
into the Atlantic Ocean.
Remember the photo of the same river in Lisbon.
Thankful for the escalator that brought us up to the city from the bus park

View of the surroundings near the top of the escalator 

Toledo Congress Centre - love the facade

View of Tagus River from the top of escalator

Streets of Toledo

Damascene artisan at work - inlaying gold and silver into metal.
Toledo is also famous for the production of bladed weapons.


  1. Your pictures are stunning- they look professional!
    (As a Latin teacher, I have to beg a small difference- the Alcantara bridge was built by the Romans on the orders of Trajan in the early 100s rather than the middle ages.)

    1. Thank you Michelle for the correction. Photos are taken by me on my point and shoot camera, no skill involved. The scenery is just beautiful.

  2. I am always left speechless when I view your photographs from Spain, which seems to have so much incredible scenery and architecture that I can't imagine seeing it in person! Your photos are fantastic, especially when enlarged on my new computer! I feel as though I am there, and I those shots from that escalator make it seem like you are flying! That photo of the Roman bridge looks like a painting! Of course, I had to learn more about it on the internet! So glad it has been saved and repaired over the centuries, although it if hadn't been for wars, it would probably have survived on its own. And that exquisite dish almost looks like there is lace in there! Thanks so much for sharing all of your photos!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Glad you enjoyed the photos. When you are there your senses are bombarded with so much info that you miss a lot. Now while making these posts, I learn even more.

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    Wonderful pictures nice post! you are so lucky!