Friday 13 June 2014

Kurbatskaya Challenge - WIP 2

Is the photo out of focus? I did use the auto focus function on the camera . . . or is it just my eyes. I think my hands shook.

Should have gotten more tatting done in Week 2 on this. While tatting the rings, it seemed that it was going to be a little tight but after blocking, it was fine.

The uneven split rings in this round made a straight edge. 
This time I did not forget the Ch 2 + 2 in between the SRs as I learnt from my mistake from this one

Fox and I are tatting this together. It isn't a breeze. I just wished I had chosen a different thread to do this in, perhaps something larger than Size 50.


  1. Looking good! That's a look for split rings I never would have thought of.

    When I have to use the camera instead of the scanner, I always take at least three shots. That way I manage to get one where I didn't shake the camera. I also find that auto-focus doesn't work as well for close-up shots, so I tend to shoot from farther away using a little bit of zoom, and then crop as needed.

    1. Thanks Miranda for the photography tips. I did take multiple shots for this but this one was best. My hands weren't steady that day.

  2. Oh I thought that's where I saw it :) maybe it's just bad luck one :) it seems a bit of a struggle yet I see why you picked this one it's pulling you both in like a spider's web!

    1. Spider is having us for dinner. But its looking better now.