Saturday 7 June 2014

Learning from Mistakes

Study the diagram carefully!

Most of the time, I am so eager to start I do not do that so here is the result. I misread the diagram on page 86 of this Russian book by Kurbatskaya and this ended up like a hat instead of flat. 

Mistake 1 - I made the centre twisted picots too long. 

Mistake 2 - I did not tat 1 ds in between the split rings and this shortened the circumference. 

Mistake 3 - I missed 2 ds between each trefoil rings, again this made the circumference smaller than it should be. 

Mistake 4 (?) - I wonder if the last round to join all the long picots is right as I did not do a crochet chain but a lock join, then a 1ds.

I think I will shelf this for now.
And yes, can you see Tsuru's fur tatted in too.


  1. Make a little doll and this can be her hat!

  2. Looks like that is an awesome pattern, and even with all the mistakes I love the look!! :) Good try!! :)

  3. It would be a sweet small doll's hat!