Thursday 5 June 2014

Stawasz Doily Set II - 2nd Attempt

I love the twists and turns of this pattern. While tatting Round 1 for the second time, I realized another mistake in the 1st attempt. Oh well, you learn something new each day.

In the book, four of the above motif make a little doily. So what I have tatted is a quarter of the little doily. See pattern in Jan Stawasz Book 1 on page 102. You might want to tat according to the pattern.

Now if you look at the motif on the left in Lizbeth Caribbean (#122) - that is Round 1.

Motif on the right in Lizbeth Seagreen Dark (#688) is after Round 2 is completed. Does it remind you of a knot garden?


  1. There is a wonderful ebb and flow to this magnificent pattern. A great design and, as usual, beautifully tatted. What an attractive thread color!

  2. Great design!!! :)
    I think both are wonderful!!! :)

  3. I like this one a lot. I'm currently working a Jan Stawasz doily too but will go take a look at this one. :-)