Monday 16 June 2014

Toledo Cathedral

Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo


Lower tier of choir stalls

Smiling Madonna and Child

Capilla Mayor

Gothic Altarpiece - Retable
5-storeys tall (from bottom):
Virgin and Child, Gothic Monstrance, Nativity, Ascension, Crucifixion

Vault in the Treasury

El Expolio by El Greco

Barrel vault of the Sacristry painted by Luca Giordano

The other end of the barrel vault showing the ascension of Mary

Toledo as painted by Luca Giordiano in the vault of the Sacristry

Monstrance of Arfe
10 ft tall covered in gold, silver and gems
used for the annual feast of Corpus Christi in Toledo

El Transparente

El Transparente skylight

Cardinal hats hanging from the ceiling mark their tombs below


  1. Wonderful pictures of a great cathedral, thank you for sharing and showing them

  2. Very beautiful pictures, I used to have a puzzle with one of those ceiling murals, was a great way to take a long time to study it!

  3. The history and architecture of this cathedral is amazing. I again went running to the internet to learn about it! It is almost incomprehensible that man can design and create such magnificence and beauty, and it remains standing today! Thanks again for taking us along on your trip!