Friday 20 June 2014

Kurbatskaya Challenge - WIP 3

This photo shows a little rippling even after blocking. Added another 3 rounds after the last photo. 

I put it in between the book overnight and it could lay flat after that. Sorry, no photo of that. It is still in between the pages waiting for me to add the next row which is quite hefty to tat. Wish us both Fox and I luck for the next round.


  1. Yea really, you can tell a good pattern by weather they lay flat or not, it is too bad that it take a lot of tatting to find out! Always hope that next round will lay it flatter. It is beautiful regardless :)

  2. Aaaaah, I am so happy your cat is alive!

    Your doily is very nice as it is now. But don't go any further, Fox is right. Unless you like a frilled doily, there is nothing wrong with that.

    By the way: which book is it from? Maybe the author used diffrenet thiknesses of thread.

  3. It looks lovely in that colour, pity it's gone a bit filly, Fox has given up but with another row it might flatten out with some weight on it.

  4. Thank you everyone for your comments. It is lying flatter now and I am tatting the next round. It is coming along. Look out for the next post of its progress this week.

    Tally Tatty, the pattern is from a Russian book by Kurbatskaya. I'm not sure what thread size was used in the book.