Friday, 1 March 2013

Tsuru's New Basket

I picked this basket up from the bin. Someone who did not have a use for it, threw it away. It is the perfect size for Tsuru. Placed it on the sitting room floor and she got right in. Her new day bed.

I found another little eatery called Tsuru - koshi. See the crane with udon in its beak?

And . . . Annie sent me this link. Check it out - a whole collection named Tsuru.



  1. At least she has more room in this basket than in the other tiny boxes!

  2. That basket is perfect! I love her markings and beautiful fur! She looks quite content! And it's funny how you keep finding her name wherever you go!

  3. It's like finding a custom made basket for Tsuru. Lucky cat!

  4. She loves sleeping in it. Perfect size.