Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Workbasket from Sheila

Sheila H from Canada sent me this Workbasket issue a few weeks ago. Thank you so much Sheila.

In it, is a tatted doily pattern. Sheila tats but she found this while clearing some things and thought I would find it interesting. Yes, I did. Besides the one tatting pattern, there are crochet patterns, one knitting pattern, articles, tips and recipes.

It was also full of ads from 1956 and I found a few very intriguing e.g. tiny flower lanterns (3 inches) to brighten up your flower arrangement or the greeting card vases or the air cap which can be attached to your hair dryer and dry hair in minutes.


  1. I have a box full of these. They are real fun to flip through.

  2. Sounds interesting nice to look back and find some real gems of patterns

  3. Workbasket Magazine was published for decades, It had a large circulation and was one of those things that we took for granted. It was quite a shock when they stopped publishing! The size of the magazine was just right for collectors to save, and many savvy subscribers did just that! They are now a 'hot' collectors' item. I never subscribed, but would pick one up at the store every now and then, as I knitted and crocheted some of the patterns.

    The magazine contributed greatly to keeping an awareness of tatting 'out there', certainly among needleworkers. I know it kept MY curiosity about tatting going from the '60s through the '80s; and I finally learned to tat just in time for Mary McCarthy's famous butterly pattern, which appeared in Aug. 1990!

    Recently I paid $5 for a 1975 issue that had the tatted American Flag, just for 'historic value'. It's funny to see the clothing styles that we all wore back them! (I was in my early 30s (*sigh*).

    I'm glad you have an issue of the magazine! I was relieved the cover picture was NOT a tatted bedspread! LOL!