Saturday 16 March 2013

Homemade Cake for Tea

This is a yuzu (instead of lemon) poppy seed cake with butter (real butter) icing. This type of cake with butter icing brings back memories of birthday cakes from the past. Icing was a treat and only on birthdays. I like the crunch of the poppy seeds when you bite into them. I enjoyed them with a cup of Earl Grey. Yummy!! My sweet temptation for today.


  1. yum!!
    I just looked up yuzu, to see it is a citrus fruit. I know lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and a few other citrus fruits. How does yuzu compare in taste?

  2. A friend always makes poppy seed cake/bread for holidays and it is so very yummy. I'd like to try it with butter frosting now! Karen in OR

  3. Hi Ladytats, I have not tasted a fresh yuzu fruit but I used the sweetened juice which is sold in tetra pack from the supermarket. I read that it tastes between a grapefruit x orange. It does have a distinct aromatic fragrance but it was not strong enough in the cake.

    Butter icing makes all the difference, Karen.

  4. Looks yummy, poppy seed cake is lovely and I could just eat a piece of it.
    Thanks for sharing it