Friday 7 December 2012

Two Cats

This pattern I copied from a library book. I think it was the book by Rebecca Jones. The head seems too large for its body. Tatted in Milford Size 40 in 'Tsuru' colours. They measure about 3 inches. She was not too pleased when I showed her. She tried to swipe them off my fingers.


  1. I think they are adorable. Maybe you misunderstood Tsuru's intentions. She probably wanted to keep them for herself!

  2. I think they are lovely cats, beautiful design, well done, sorry Tsuru did not like them, perhaps she did not like a cat looking like her.

  3. These are very cute in the black and white thread! I believe they are from Rebecca Jones book. (My book is in the car right now, taking it to our event this weekend so I can't confirm! ) I'd like to make these for my 'cat loving' friends!