Friday 28 December 2012

Red Button Brooch

Or should I call it the doodad brooch. This is Jane Eborall's pattern.

This is a comparison to the one tatted earlier.


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous!
    I really like the doodads as the base. Wonderful colors!

    I realize now that you were among the first to tat around filigree elements - going back at least to 2010! And I am the proud recipient of your beautiful yellow flower hairpin from your giveaway in August of 2011. You tatted the flowers around a filigree base, and also had to contend with the bobby pin! I still marvel at the perfection of that piece, and the fine thread and TINY beads you used! It's really amazing!

  2. The red one is very elegant - lovely.

  3. Thank you Margaret, Kathy and Maureen. I appreciate your comments. I am happy that you remembered the hairpin, Kathy.