Saturday 8 December 2012

Edged Hanky 2012 - 4 (MK#58)

After posting the completed hanky edging #3, I thought I must have tatted more than 3 hanky edgings this year so I found this one tucked away and remembered I took photos of this.

I decided on this pattern after seeing Fox's post here. I have always wanted to tat Marguerite by Mary Konior but never got to it. I added the 'S' to hide the corner as it was different (i.e. two small rings instead of the two larger rings) from the other 3. The pattern is simple and quick to tat and I finished it sometime in August.

You can see that I tatted into the hanky. The shade of blue did not exactly matched with the cross stitch on the hanky. I realised this only in the morning after tatting for a bit the night before.


  1. Beautiful edging, love the colour blue, looks really pretty on the hanky

  2. This is so pretty I enlarged it immediately, but did not recognize it at all!

    It looks very different in blue with the white hanky and is very, very sweet. Nicely done.
    Fox : )

  3. Very pretty! I'm getting in the mood to work on hankies again.

  4. Hello Wendy, Your tatted edging is absolutely beautiful. You always do beautiful work. Hugs judy