Monday 17 December 2012

Jane's Button Brooch

I love how the placement of the beads show up in this design from Jane Eborall. You may have seen many versions of this button brooch in the past month on many tatting blogs and this is my version. For days, I could not find a 1 inch two hole button so I used a 1 inch doodad instead. Tatted in Size 20 Milford (Sunshine), the brooch measures 2 inches in diameter with another 1 inch drop ending in a Swarovski crystal.


  1. How pretty! Love the beads you chose!

  2. Agree this is a great pattern, I have lots of four hole 1 inch buttons and need to adapt to suit them. Love the way you have used it with a doodad. And what class a Swaroski crystal!

  3. Your brooch is gorgeous and I love your colours, Brilliant how you used a doodad. Well done

  4. Very creative!

    Having just completed Jane's Fandango button, and really enjoying the exercise, and now seeing you brooch, I shall have to try this pattern.

    The dropping bit put me off at first, but looking at what you have here inspires me to just tat it without the drop, which I can envision clearly here. Thanks!
    Fox : )