Saturday 22 December 2012


Homemade Popiah

Popiah bought in Singapore

I love popiah; literally translated it means thin biscuit. It is like a spring roll except this is not deep fried. How do you make a popiah roll? First lay the thin round rice flour skin/crepe on a plate. Smear some sweet red sauce and chilli, place a salad leaf, spread some blanched beansprouts, add the shredded vegetables (yam bean, carrots cooked with belly pork and minced prawns), sprinkle some fried garlic bits, fried shallots, diced Chinese tau kwa (tofu), sliced egg omellette and sliced french beans. Roll it up and eat. This is how we make it at home in Malaysia.

But in Singapore, the ingredients that go into the popiah is slightly different - no shredded carrots, no french beans, no fried shallots, use black sweet sauce instead of red, add minced raw garlic instead of fried garlic, add minced hardboiled egg instead of sliced omellette, add ground peanuts, add poached sliced prawns. The rest of the ingredients are basically the same.


  1. That really looks tasty! I enjoy seeing the foods that you post pictures of because usually they're something I've never heard of, and haven't ever eaten. :)

  2. One of my favourite dish. It is a lot of preparation work but a very good dish for family feasts.