Thursday 6 December 2012

Sprouting Sugar Peas

 Every week I buy a pack of sugar peas. I usually add them into my salad or instant noodle. Last week I did not use them all up and just kept them in the fridge. Look what happened. I threw them into a garden pot instead. 


  1. he he, my daughter #4 lives on the third floor of a building and it is always very warm in her apt. She has sliced a tomato and found the seeds inside sprouting, yet the tomato is not over ripe or rotten. She has cut open a squash to find the same thing.
    We call her apartment the conservatory.

  2. Wow never seen anything like that, I would they grow for you

  3. These peas did not want to end up as food. They are brave and try to create a new plant. A happy picture.