Monday 8 October 2012

Pineapple Heaven Doily #4 -WIP

Yes, I decided on a yellow doily. Could not help it but just realised I made a mistake in Round 10 after I finished it. Shall I continue or cut it out and re-tat?

I'll continue and improvise. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Not until I made another mistake. Where is my scissors?

Now back to the pattern proper, kind of. Just sorry that I wasted a whole lot of time and thread.


  1. Lovely colour and what a pity you made a mistake, we all do it, I today have started the fourth round three times, just kicking myself at wasting the thread.
    I look forward to seeing it when you have re tatted it.

  2. Oh, that smarts! Yes, it looks like something I would do! Ruthless scissors forge fine tatters, says I!
    Fox : )

  3. It looked really good to me! :)
    Hope it goes much better from here out!! :)

  4. Oh dear. I've done that in cross stitch as well as tatting, thought I could compensate for a mistake and then eventually found myself going back anyway! The doily is looking good, yellow seems like the right colour for a pineapple.

  5. While I completely understand the need, and applaud your steely resolve, seeing the snipped rows still gave me the shivers.

    I quite agree with Jane from South Africa, yellow suits this project perfectly!

    Carry on with this fine, exquisite lace. I will sigh as I watch it grow into a breathtaking doily.