Thursday 18 October 2012

Linda's Classic Doily -WIP

It isn't done yet. But I was wondering why the last round was so tight. I blamed it on my chain tension. I spent nearly an hour trying to pin this doily down.

Since this photo, I have done a few more rounds and wondered where I made a mistake when the number of rings did not fit the chains. I continued nevertheless and thought: let this be my learning process.

When I was tatting the 2nd last round of the pattern, I realised where the mistake was and there was no going back. So this is definitely not going to look like Linda's lovely doily but my mistake version of it. I will be most likely tatting this again.


  1. still looks pretty, that is a nice color

  2. Looks really beautiful to me!! :)

  3. Looks lovely to me, did you miss out a ring on the last round

  4. I missed many many rings. There are suppose to be rings at every chain between the scallops of the previous round.

  5. Even with the missed rings (which I cannot see), this is amazing! It's almost hypnotic! You have WAY more patience than I have!