Wednesday 24 October 2012

Linda's Classic Doily - Completed

As I made mistakes in the tatting of the rings after the first set of scallops, it is puckering a little and the shape of the scallops are not distinct. I am learning from the mistake and will tat another doily. This measures about 13.5 inches across and tatted in Size 40 threads.

Many of you commented that the colour is very pleasing. I must admit that blue isn't my favourite colour but it is a favourite of many. 

I was first attracted to this pattern when I saw it on Linda's blog. It reminded me of a mandala although it isn't obvious in this rendition. See hers here.  

I also love the look of the doily if it ended after the first set of scallops. If the pattern gets too overwhelming, it would be a good option to end it there.


  1. Lovely design and beautiful colour, what a pity it's puckering, I can't see why but I am sure you will find out why when tat another one.

  2. Your doily looks wonderful!!! :)

  3. There is great eye movement when looking at this as it seems to swirl around I think because of the scalloped row being followed by the band of rings. Lovely piece.

    It looks as if the rings are too tight or the scallops are too large and that is why it is buckling. Do you think the stitch count is off? Can the buckling be fixed by blocking?

    Your tatting is beautiful. I am not convinced that the design is as good as it might be with that buckling row...

    Fox : )

  4. This is lovely. I admire your patience! Doubt I can get as far as half that size. Great job.