Monday 29 October 2012


We tried out this instant paella set. It came with a pack of seasoning, a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil, rice and the paella pan. I added the sausage, shrimp and baby cuttlefish. It was easy to cook and tasted not too bad. I would have preferred the rice a little drier but I was also afraid it would burn so took it off the heat too early.

In future, I may try using the paella pan for our usual all-in-one rice dishes but with our local ingredients or even Briyani rice (AAA's favourite).


  1. Where's the octopus, Chicken and peas, I love paella, unfortunately Vernon does not but I can get a frozen paella from a supermarket that is as near to the real thing as I can get in the UK.
    Many Spanish restaurants will not make it for one person and will only do it for two or more. It s made to order in Tenerife/ Majorca we searched out a restaurant so I could have some. I was really delighted in Grand Canaria the hotel had a dish every night on the buffet table, I made sure I had some every night.
    It should be fairly dry but not completely, in Spain they put chicken pieces and peas along with red pepers, onion, octopus, mussels and baby squid.

  2. OOohh, looks yummy! Where did you find this set? In a local supermarket?