Tuesday 14 August 2012

Wanda Bookmarks

I have only done Maltese rings here and here. This pattern is from Iris Niebach's book Fantasia 3 on page 20. I had to use the instructions in the book to re-learn this. Tatted in Venus Size 40 threads in grey and green and DMC threads in pink and brown.

Watched 'Due Date' while doing this. That man is exasperating. In between, made a phone call to mom as I forgot and then continued with watching 'Possession'. The words are beautiful. Must watch that again as I missed the first part or read the book for the poems.


  1. I remember doing this technique and rather liking it, once I got the hang of it.

    After seeing how nice yours are, I must try again - very attractive in the right pattern.

  2. Both of these look great! I had to go back and look hard at the green one, on my computer it looks like two shades of green unless you look really closely :) I've not tried Maltese rings yet.

  3. These are great! The Maltese tatting looks fantastic! You certainly do provide inspiration...

  4. They are wonderful. I'm very honored to see my patterns so beautifully realised. I like the rose edging with that fantastique colour and these wanda bookmarks and the butterflies and others. Thank you very much, Iris

  5. They are lovely bookmarks. Well done

  6. Lovely bookmarks! I just learned the maltese technique a few months ago, great to see yours!