Saturday 11 August 2012

Gloria Edging

This pattern is from Fantasia 3 by Iris Niebach. I did not do the Cluny leaf in the pattern but converted them to rings. Tatted this in Lizbeth Size 40 Easter Eggs/159. They are in very light pastels and did not stand out edging a white piece, perhaps a light colored one would be more appropriate. I have to find one.


  1. If I were still doing baby socks I would be tempted to tat this with one of Tatskool's wonderful threads.

    Ah, but I feel I am done with the socks. They are very tiresome and the kids really do not care anyway!

    It would be lovely on a hanky, though.... Talk about tiresome!

    Nice tatting, umintsuru,
    Fox : )

  2. Wowie zowie! Now that is beautiful!

  3. what a pretty edging. Iris does such pretty patterns

  4. Love the pattern, even without the clunies! Very nicely tatted!
    I'd like to get that book!

  5. Oh my goodness that is awesome!!! :)

  6. Love the pattern and the thread is gorgeous, totally stunning piece of tatting

  7. Very pretty edging! As you say, it would look good on something with a little bit of color. I really like how this looks.