Friday 10 August 2012

King's Cross

My chains seem shorter than the photo in the book but it still works. It is a pretty design by Julie Patterson. I tatted this in Flora Size 20 in a bright orange (#246). The centre is unusual.


  1. that is an unusual center,
    I am assuming you are talking about the chains that connect the elements to the center seeming shorter.
    I like the way yours are, I haven't seen the original, but I think with the angular look of the center, chains with more curve wouldn't look as good as yours does.

  2. Nice cross and unusual pattern, like you say a very different middle

  3. What a lovely cross! I really like it!

  4. Love it! It looks like a court jester to me. I will tat this one for sure. Thanks for showing it.
    Fox : )

  5. It looks really cool!! Looks like a sun in the center!! :)