Friday 17 August 2012

Edged Hanky 2012 - 1

This hanky edging is a pattern called Dainty Tatted Edge on pp 86 from Angeline Crichlow's book 'Let's Tat'. Thank you, Fox.

In the book, Angeline did explain that it was taken off a handkerchief tatted by Margaret Robinson in the 1880s in thread size 80 and 90. Here I used thread size 40.

The above is a sample in my notebook tatted in size 80.

This is how I blocked the hanky and I did not have to iron it afterwards. After tatting was done, I soaked it in a little soapy water, rinsed it and while wet I stretched it over a polystyrene board and pinned it down. This method did not require any ironing. Folded it and sent it off.


  1. It's absolutely stunning!! You did a fantastic job!!! :)

  2. I just cannot believe it! Not ironed? It is so pristine and sharp cornered and there is nothing - but nothing - not perfect about this piece! Just blocked??

    I am stunned!

    I love this hankie and will cherish it. The Angeline edging is very special to me as well. Thank you for sending me such a beautiful gift.
    ♡ Fox : )

  3. Lovely hanky and edging. I love it when you find ways around ironing - I dislike having to get the board and iron out.

  4. Beautiful hanky, lovely pattern, you made me laugh as my name used to be before I got married ...... Margaret Robinson and I don't think she was a relative.

  5. Perfect pattern, color and tatting make a perfect gift for just the right person at just the right time. You are so thoughtful. Karen in OR

  6. hello, I wonder if you can send me the pictures in the book Angeline Crichlow's book 'Let's Tat. I have searched the internet, but I could not find and I can not anfare in bibloteca in America, because I live in Italy. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. What a unique way to 'block a hanky! And a beautiful edging. It's always interesting to revisit the 'antique' patterns, and a nice tribute. I presume this took awhile to tat!