Saturday 24 September 2011

Test Tatting Cymbidiums

I was not only test tatting a new pattern for Margaret but trying out the Finca threads that Fox sent me here. Aren't these Cymbidium orchid blooms pretty.  Margaret saw that post and asked if I would like to tat her orchid bloom. Of course I would!!

The top photo shows my first attempts. You can see the lip is hanging because I did not tie it correctly. They were tatted in one round with crystals in Size 10 (fuchsia pink, ~1 inch across) and 40 threads (variegated, ~0.75 inch). In the subsequent blooms, I used rhinestones with the Finca Perle #16 threads (~0.6 inch) and Size 40 white (~0.75 inch).  I love the white blooms but the size of the Finca blooms in yellow and green are really cute. The pattern is pretty and fast to tat up. These were tatted in one night of watching TV. Thank you, Margaret, for letting me test it.

Now the Finca thread is a Perle cotton so I would say try not to use it for complicated patterns as the thread will not take too kindly to mistakes and unpicking. Otherwise it is fine. Thank you Fox for the samples. By the way the thread I sent Fox to try is the variegated pink one. I will leave it to her to tell you how much she liked it. 


  1. Those are so pretty!!

    Your work always looks so wonderful.
    How long have you been tatting?

  2. Thank you for testing my pattern, your blooms are beautiful and the thread you have used is gorgeous.

  3. Hi Lily,
    Thank you for your comment. I have been tatting since 2006, about 5 years.

    Hi Margaret,
    It was my pleasure. It was fun! This is a lovely pattern.

    Thank you God's Kid.