Wednesday 31 August 2011

Christmas 2011 Snowflake #37

A Myra Piper pattern. This is pattern No. 8 on page 3 of her book. I have been neglecting the snowflakes. The thread gaps are about 3/8 inches in length. When tatting this, the thread gaps seemed too long but when blocking the rings needed to be pulled sideways into slight ovals. The other alternative is maybe to increase the size of joining picots or increase the stitch count for the rings.  How would you change this, if you did not like the oval rings?

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Quilt - Block Sewing Progress

It isn't often I use my sewing machine and each time I take it out to use, I have to learn everything all over again. Everything . . . e.g. how to wind the bobbin, figuring out how to thread the machine and changing the foot for the correct purpose. But once it is right, it should be quite fast sewing, I hope . .

So this was the result of using the wrong foot for sewing after 30 mins of blundering with my machine. I was also wondering if I could sew straight lines. Then after unpicking the first block, I started again, adjusting for the correct tension so that the stitches did not pucker up like before.

After all that, I got two blocks sewn up. It looks just slightly better but I was not too happy with how certain fabrics / colours ended up next to the other. There should be 36 blocks in total. It is sewing for another day.

Monday 29 August 2011

Hanky Edging #7 - WIP Progress

I have done three corners so it is coming along. I think it is going to be a pretty hanky. I may have to undo the first 6 inches of tatting as the spacing of the tatted rings attached to the hanky is a little off. We'll see what happens when I reach the end.

Saturday 27 August 2011

Knitted Tea Cosies

Just yesterday I saw a local shop in Singapore selling tea cosies. It had to explain what a tea cosy was used for. I was smiling because I had just received these in the mail from Tafferty Designs who has a shop on Etsy here. When I saw these tea cosies, I could not resist them.

These are for 'tea-for-one' teapots. Are they not adorable? They are made to order and Judith was really lovely to make one in royal purple just for me. Which colour do you prefer? One of my teapots is smaller than the other. The tea cosies are the same size.

We do not use tea cosies anymore but I remember one was used in our house when my sister and I were kids. It was for the pot of coffee that my grandmother would make each morning for breakfast.

Friday 26 August 2011

Shaded Sun by Bri

This is a design called Shaded Sun by Bri of Bree's Way and you can find the charted pattern here. I tatted this in Lizbeth Size 40 threads - Country Grape Medium (#637) and Easter Eggs (#159). Thank you Bri for this lovely pattern.

Thursday 25 August 2011


 Variegated purple for Tatting Marie

Blue for Lenhen

 Yellow for Kathy N

Hairpins were tatted in their colour choices. I had a fun time tatting these for Kathy, Lenhen and Marie. It was a surprise giveaway here. I had to use the oval filigree hairpin as the round ones were out of stock.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Hanky Edging #6 Progress

This was quick to tat and I have also started Round 2 as you can see in the photo on the left side. Right side shows tatting from Round 1. I think this colour thread is prefectly matched to the colour of the rose. The frills in Round 1 is turning out to be waves now. I wonder if it will lay flat after blocking. Even if it doesn't, I am not too concerned.

Hanky Edging #7 is taking a little slower. I have to work harder for Edging #7.

Tuesday 23 August 2011

IsDihara's Fleur de Lis

I had the wonderful opportunity to test tat this for IsDihara of Ambitatterous. IsDihara first showed the design here. Doesn't the motif have a great diamond shape? I learnt folded rings which makes up the fleur de lis.

The one on the left is tatted in DMC Perle 8 Col 107 and the other one is tatted in Olympus Gold Special Knitting Yarn (Size 10 or thicker in fuchsia pink). I thought the Fleur de Lis would look more defined in thicker threads but I made a mistake in that one. Can you spot it?

IsDihara has plans for this motif, so watch her blog.

Monday 22 August 2011

A New Quilt In Progress

I am following this quilt pattern from Elizabeth Hartman's book for the next quilt I am making. I wanted a colour palette that is more contemporary so I raided my fabric stash to look for black and white prints plus red as an accent. I remember buying a jelly roll of black and white prints during the last sale. While cutting the roll up, I noticed the roll isn't exactly 2.5 inches width throughout its length. Although using a jelly roll is more convenient, it is still best to cut your own fabric. I had to cut more 3.5 and 1.5 inches width panels. The fabrics for this patchwork are ready for quick piecing. Lets see if I can do some sewing soon.

Saturday 20 August 2011

Turquoise Fandango Bookmark

I tatted this again in Size 40 Lizbeth #657 Ocean Turquoise Dark and #158 Niagara Falls. Jane suggested starting the pattern with variegated threads and a solid colour for shuttle 2. I decided to switch the variegated threads to shuttle 2 instead and this is what it looks like. I wanted the darker solid colour to form the border. I tatted 5 repeats and added a tail. It looks different from the previous one I posted a few days ago.

Friday 19 August 2011

Dreaming of Morocco

I wish this was in Morocco but it is not.  This was a gift to Malaysia from Morocco and it is located in Putrajaya. The tiled pool, fountain and architecture is lovely but nothing like experiencing the real thing. I am also dreaming of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. One day, hopefully, we will visit.  

Thursday 18 August 2011

Hanky Edging #5 WIP Progress

I have started round 2 of this pattern. Yes, it is Mary Konior's Josephine from her Tatting Patterns book. Those are Josephine knots, hence the name. The pattern states 10 half stitches but I thought 15 half stitches made the JKs more pronounced and easier to close since this thread is Size 60.

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Afternoon Coffee Again

Afternoon coffee with a friend at an Italian Paticceria & Confeteria where they served tiny pastries. It isn't often I have coffee with a friend but when we do, it is fun. Busy people keep busy schedules.

I keep forgetting that there isn't a macro lens on my phone camera. From left to right - Mini Sacher, Cannoli Siciliana, Cannoncini and Bigne Chantilly. My favourites were the Cannoli and Cannoncini.

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Fandango Bookmark

Could not resist tatting this either. I first saw this bookmark on Val's blog here. Fandango is a lovely pattern from Jane Eborall and you can link to her pattern page here. Thank you, Jane.

I used DMC Perle Cotton threads Size 8 (pink - Col. 604 and olive green - 640). These threads were a gift from G. The bookmark measures about 9 x 2 inches. I think I am going to try tatting this again in Size 40 threads and with fewer repeats.

Monday 15 August 2011

Wall Water Feature & a Temple

I had to run an errand in Shenton Way (central business district) and was waiting for the green man crossing when I noticed this. I remember seeing it, the last time I was here, which was probably years ago. Since I had my camera, I just snapped away. It was a hot sunny morning but it should be cooler near the wall. I was not the only one taking photos of this water feature.

After crossing, I noticed this on the opposite side of the road. There was this little temple in between all the tall buildings. 

Saturday 13 August 2011

Hanky Edging #7 - WIP

I started another. I now have 3 hanky edging WIPs. I am hoping to alternate tatting all three with a snowflake or bookmark in between. Am I mad? I usually only tat one project at a time. Thought I just try this out and see how I cope.

This pattern is from Susanne Schwenke's Spitzen Kreationen book on page 12. Tatting in one round using 2 shuttles. Looks complicated but you get the hang of it after a few repeats. I am using Venus Size 40 threads in white.

Friday 12 August 2011

An Auspicious Green Sculpture

This is a pineapple within a pineapple woven using the lucky bamboo plant. The pineapple is an important lucky symbol for the Chinese. Pineapple pronounciated in Chinese also sounds like 'good luck has arrived'. A plant like this would be placed in the house to usher in the New Year as it symbolizes lots of wealth and luck.

Thursday 11 August 2011

Hearts & Flower Crosses

I needed some distraction from tatting hanky edgings. This is Julie Patterson's cross pattern. The pattern link is from Georgia's site here. Recently I saw other patterns from Julie Patterson on Liyarra's blog. I think her patterns are very interesting and am wondering how to purchase Julie's tatting patterns/books.

I am comparing the cross sizes with the different threads. From left, Lizbeth Wildflower Garden # 154 Size 80 (cross measures 2.5 by 2 inches), Lizbeth Easter Eggs #159 Size 40 (cross measures 3 by 2.5 inches) and Perle Cotton Size 8 (sorry no label; measures 4 by 3 inches).

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Breakfast at Thurkah's

Thosai / Dosa with everything on

Breakfast is an important meal on weekends. We usually have breakfast out. This was a breakfast at an Indian coffee shop. AAA had his favourite thosai with everything on top. Most people would not have it that way but it is how he ate thosai when he was young. Packed and brought home by his dad with all the dhal, sambal and coconut soaked into the thosai. I like my thosai crispy (paper thosai) and I slowly break the crispy thosai with my fingers and dip pieces in the dhal and coconut. I especially like the coconut blended with some coriander.

I had putu mayam that morning. I often ate this for supper bought from the pasar malam (night market) when I was growing up. We usually have it with freshly grated coconut and brown sugar. I remember seeing this in Sri Lanka. They call it hoppers and it is usually eaten with something savoury instead of sweet. At mom's, the putu mayam man still comes around in the evening on a motorbike selling this. 

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Hanky Edging #6 - WIP

This is the hanky from Gina. I went through my thread stash and found this variegated pink (Coats Size 40 Col. 884) which was the right shade that matched the colour of the rose. I adapted the Lace No. 8 pattern from Kirstine Nikolajsen and Inge Lise Nikolajsen's 'Tatted Handkerchiefs' book to fit this hanky with the scallops. It seems to be frilling up but it may straighten out after blocking. Even if not, I think I like the frills. This is also a two-rows edging pattern. No, I have not finished edging #5. Perhaps in a few days time I will start edging #7.

Monday 8 August 2011

New Tatting Book

I decided to get Helma Siepmann's book. It will be sometime before I even start tatting from here. It is a beautiful book. I love it. I am just wondering if all my thread remnants from my tatting can be used up here. Perhaps, . . . what more I love tatting Josephine rings. Check out her website here.

Saturday 6 August 2011

Christmas 2011 Snowflake #36

This was tatted in 2 rounds and I was suppose to continue with the outer ring after the block tatting but I decided to tie, cut, take a photo before starting the next bit.

Actual pattern requires you to climb out using a split ring. I am guessing here. This book in German is more difficult to follow compared to the other 2. This is from Susanne Schwenke's Mustersammlung book on page 30.

Friday 5 August 2011

Afternoon Coffee

Okay, I have been playing with the photo editor again. I thought it looked better than the original. This is a cafe overlooking the sea where a friend and I were having afternoon tea. This is what we shared with cafe lattes. A coffee ice cream creation covered with white chocolate. It was delicious!!

She would kill me if I showed you her photo. Long time friends whom you can still share things with are gold.

Thursday 4 August 2011

Hanky Edging #5 - WIP

Remember the hankies received from Fox, Diane and Gina? I started this one which is a Mary Konior pattern. I chose it because I thought the pattern had elements which were perfectly suited with the embroidery on the hanky. I hope it turns out right. This is a two-rows edging pattern. Can you guess which hanky?

Funny, this morning I woke up with an index finger that would not bend. Must be too much tatting. Ohh! . . it does bend, ... but it hurts. Ouch!!

Wednesday 3 August 2011

A Shady Road

In colour

In sepia

I think they are Casuarina trees. They must have been planted sometime back as they are quite tall. You normally find Casuarina trees along the coastline. I remember playing with the needle-like leaves and collecting the small cones when we visited the beach.

Another shot in black and white

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Hanky Edging #4 - Completed, Posted and Received

I took these photos before sending the hanky off to the Tatting Goddess. You may have seen it on her blog too. I bought this handkerchief with her in mind. I wanted a special hanky for tatting and chose this one thinking Gina would definitely appreciate the pulled lacework. Gina has also done some wonderful needle lace on her lace blog too. Details of the tatting are listed here.

Monday 1 August 2011

Lotus Root Soup

In school, many years back, we were asked to bring this for art class. We used it for stamping on our art block paper. Other vegetables for this art class were the humble potato and the okra/ladies fingers. Oh, you could also use the banana leaf stems/petioles.

No, I was not doing any art, just reminiscing while cooking some lotus root soup. You can boil these with some stock bones, peanuts, dates and dried squid/octopus.

I also love sliced lotus roots in tempura but not all Japanese restaurants here serve lotus root tempura.

What is your favourite lotus root dish?