Monday 22 May 2017

Yummy or Yucky?

I have tasted some tatting.
I can't decide!

She has not been tatting much though.
Hence a photo of me.

I think she might need a vacation.
She will be back when she has done some tatting!

Friday 19 May 2017

Renulek's Wiosna 2017 - Completed

It is finally done. It did not take too long and I really enjoyed tatting this. Tatted in Lizbeth Size 40 in Col. 633 Purple Dark, Col. 641 Lilac Dark, Col. 162 Purple Iris Fusion and Col. 646 Purple Iris Light (from centre out).

 This pretty pattern is designed by Renulek
Thank you!

Do visit her Etsy shop for more beautiful patterns. I am tempted to get one to tat, maybe Edelweiss or Zebra.

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Pedestrian Bridge

A connecting bridge between buildings for pedestrians.
Below is a busy road.
I just liked the design.

Monday 15 May 2017


This pattern is from Jennifer Williams' Tatted Snowflakes on page 8.  

The left snowflake is tatted in Milford Mercer Size 20 in Sunshine (5cm across).

The centre snowflake is tatted in Lizbeth Size 40 Col. 173 Purple Marble (4cm across).

The right snowflake is tatted in Lizbeth Size 40 Col. 667 Orchid Green Medium (4cm across).

Thursday 11 May 2017

Wiosna 2017 WIP 7

Round 12 completed.
One more to go.

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Japanese Bookmark Pattern

This was the other pattern that Margaret tatted in that same post. It is a very pretty Japanese pattern. Tatted in Lizbeth Size 40 Col. 133 Razzle Dazzle (right) and Col. 635 Violet/Pink Dark.

Thursday 4 May 2017

Wiosna 2017 WIP 6

Round 11 completed.

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Onion Ring Snowflake

Margaret tatted the onion ring snowflake here and I really liked how she used a darker thread for the inner ring. I decided to try it myself. Tatted in Lizbeth Size 40 River Blue Medium Col. 708 and Ocean Turquoise Dark Col. 657 (top); Sea Island Citrus Col. 161 and Ocean Turquoise Dark Col. 657 (bottom). The pattern can be found on Georgia Seitz's online tatting class website here.