Monday 26 September 2011

Binding the Quilt

I finished quilting and decided not to do anymore on this.  Just the rectangles as an inner frame of each block. I thank you for all the helpful suggestions from the earlier post. And I did not rip out the sewing which created the puckering. Part of the learning experience, I guess.

The binding (2.5 inches folded into half) is the same fabric as the border. I machined the border on and not until I finish the 3rd side that I discovered I had sewn it all wrong. I sewed the folded edge with the quilt edge. Oh no!!! Had to take out the seam ripper and sat down on my sofa to unpick the stitches.

And that is what the photo of this post is all about. While I was ripping out the binding, Tsuru decided to get comfortable and had a cat nap on it. Could not resist taking a photo. Is she the first to sleep on the quilt?

 No, Umi had already slept on the pile on 2 separate nights. Now it needs a good cleaning and brushing with my lint removing brush. 

The same red border fabric was used for the binding. I wanted to make a nice quilt label but the thread kept breaking and so, improvisation was required. 

I know. I am giving away the quilt with all that puckering. They are good friends and I know they will accept that the quilt isn't perfect. I have brushed and washed the quilt and all rolled up ready to be given away. This quilt is done with imperfections but with lots of love. 


  1. Who in their right mind would not want one of your quilts, you know its not perfect but they will not unless they read your blog.

  2. It is a beautiful quilt! Great colour.

    Glad to see Umi looking fat and happy!
    Fox : )

  3. Umi gave it a first test run for comfort and snug-ability. Then Tsuru just merely verified it. It has been confirmed twice by two smarties!

  4. Your friends will adore it! Those beautiful colors and all that love... what's not to like!

  5. You know, once they are washed, there is often some natural puckering and I think it will blend right in. lovely!

  6. Margaret, You are too kind.

    Fox, I forgot to report that I weighed Umi late last week and she was 5.2kg back to normal. She is eating and sleeping well. She has a new bed on my sewing table. Before that it was on the ironing board.

    Karrieann, The two smarties are the best judges, aren't they.

    Annie, I really hope so. I think it matches their decor.

    Gina, I was thinking the same. It did not look too bad after washing and ironing.

  7. It ist handmade and I think that one should see that. It is lovely and Your friends will love it.