Sunday 28 February 2010

Backchat (MK#19)

Why is this called Backchat? I used Tatskool's HDT called ChocoRaspberry. The colour is so lovely. Thank you, Tatskool. I was hoping this colour would match the cherry blossoms in the PTG's quilt block which I have adopted. How would this look on that lime green fabric next to the blossoms? I'm really not sure about this. Would black be a better choice on that lime green?

Saturday 27 February 2010

Queen's Garter (MK#18)

Another one of Mary Konior's patterns called Queen's Garter tatted using Tatskool's HDT in KeyLime size 20. I am tatting a few pieces to embellish the PTG's quilt block.

Friday 26 February 2010

Spinning Wheels (MK#17)

I had some difficulty with this as I lost count of how many times I was suppose to repeat the marked * of the pattern. It should not be a problem once you have one done up. It is quite an unusual pattern and I rather like it. I should tat up more of these and join them up. This pattern is on pg 70 of my library book.

Thursday 25 February 2010

Hope Butterflies

LadyShuttleMaker gifted this 'Hope' butterfly pattern to all tatters in blogland. A generous gift and how it reminds us that we all need hope in our lives.
Thank you Sherry!

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Adopt a Block for the 2010 Scholarship PTG Fundraiser

This is my adopted block. If you would like to adopt a block, link to Georgia's site here. The blocks will be auctioned off to raise funds for the 2010 Palmetto Tatter's Guild Scholarship. More info on the Palmetto Tatter's Guild Tat Days 2010 on their website here.
Blocks can be embellished with tatting and pretty much anything you have in your stash supplies. I love the colour combination of this block - lime green, purple, dark blue and pink.

Tuesday 23 February 2010

February 2010 Giveaway

The tatted heart goes to Tatting-Marie. Please send me your addy and I can get send this to you ASAP.

Thank you to all who participated and for sharing your comments and your favourite heart patterns.

Monday 22 February 2010

Josephine Wreath (MK#16)

This little motif called Josephine Wreath is on pg 75 of 'A Pattern Book of Tatting' by Mary Konior. The thread used is DMC Perle Cotton 8 in Ecru. I am trying to finish as many patterns from this book before I return the book to the library.

Saturday 20 February 2010

A lovely package from Pat

This was received two weeks ago. A package from Pat is always a pleasure to unwrap. I got some silk ribbon and images from her Artfire shop. All the silk ribbons are hand dyed/painted by Pat.

But she included lots more goodies in her package for me. More images, more silk ribbons, lovely tags which she made, all wrapped in a dragonfly paper and tied with a sparkly butterfly. I especially loved the printed pocket which inside was a sweet Valentine heart brooch.

Isn't that just precious. Note the little kitty in the image. Just love it!!

Thanks so much Pat. You always make my day.

Thursday 18 February 2010

Mixed Bouquet MK#15

This turned out quite nicely. It was done in one round using two shuttles. Love Josephine rings so this is one of the first few patterns I tried from 'A Pattern Book of Tatting' (pg 78). Thread is Flora size 20 in colour #246.

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Another bookmark in Lizbeth Springtime (MK#14)

This is Reflections from 'Tatting with Visual Patterns' (pg 95). Joined 3 sets together to make this. How do you like this colour thread? It's one of my favourites.

Sunday 14 February 2010

MK#13 Tattered Heart

Happy Valentines!!
This is the giveaway this month. A tattered heart from Mary Konior's 'A Pattern Book of Tatting' on page 85. Tatted in Lizbeth #40 threads called Springtime. The heart measures only about 1.75 inch across. Leave a comment before 21 Feb 2010 and your name will be put into a draw to win this. Which is your favourite heart tatting pattern?

Saturday 13 February 2010

Year of the Tiger

Gong Xi Fa Cai / Happy Prosperous New Year

Every Chinese New Year, I try to get paper cutting for the house. This is an ancient art from China. During this season, we see a lot of craft art from China and paper cutting is one of them. As this year is the year of the tiger, I found this one most appropriate. I hope the year of the tiger will bring prosperity to all.

Thursday 11 February 2010

Eightsome Reel (MK#12)

Eight is an auspicious number for the Chinese. This is because it sounds similar to the Chinese character for prosperity or wealth.
This is a pattern called Eightsome Reel from Mary Konior. I enjoyed tatting this. Quite an unusual pattern. This is done in Flora Cotton thread size 20 in pink (#211). Top photo was taken after blocking and orientated at a point. Photo with black background was taken before blocking and you can see why it is called eightsome reel.

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Lovers Knot Quilt ~ Completed

It took me twenty years, but it is done. My previous posts about this quilt are here, here and here. Quilting, border and binding done. It is not perfect but I am just glad I managed to finish it. I machine quilted in the ditch for the patchwork; quilted knots using a template for the border (see 2nd photo) and a machine sewn blue polka-dotted binding. Can you see the puckering in the denim backing (3rd photo)? I will keep this quilt for myself to remind me how far this has come to getting completed. It is full of flaws but there were valuable lessons learnt. Hopefully, my next quilt/patchwork will be better. I have quite a number lined up since I went on a shopping spree.

Sunday 7 February 2010

Pussy willows to usher in the new year

This is a plant imported from China usually for the Chinese New Year season. It is usually sold as cut flowers and bought for the house to usher in the new year or spring. After the celebrations, they are usually thrown away. These are called pussy willows. You can read more about it here. Photos show the male catkins (male flowers) and new shoots. I bought the potted version. I hope they will continue to grow.

Friday 5 February 2010

Masquerade completed (MK#11)

This is the largest piece of tatting I have completed to date. It measures about 9 by 7 inches. This is Masquerade from Mary Konior's book 'Tatting with Visual Patterns'. It's tatted in Flora cotton thread size 20 in red (#221). I think I will frame this and hang it on the wall. Can you see the hugs and kisses, xoxoxo?

I managed to borrow Mary's 'A Pattern Book of Tatting' from the library and now happily tatting more of her patterns. Will post as I complete each pattern.