Thursday 28 July 2011

My Broken Ring

It's been years, but I am still upset about this. I was in a hurry to leave the house, closed the door and hit my ring on the door knob and it broke. Now and then, I take it out to admire it. Crying over spilled milk isn't going to fix it. I could glue it back, see . . . . like this.

I also thought of putting in a silver shank or getting a new ring but it will be difficult to find one similar. The beauty of these rings is that each is unique.


  1. I've never seen one like this before. I'd miss it too! I have one onyx ring where I lost the stone out of it and still wish I could replace it. Then there's the black hills gold ring with the missing ruby that I need to get fixed. It was my favorite.

  2. Problem with a ring like this is, each and every small crystal you see on the band, is a small fracture waiting to happen, each crystal has a small fractured face on it that is a perfect plane for splitting... IF it were me, I would get a silver bottom attached, and the reason I use bottom here, is, I would attach the shank just to the ring where it starts to turn down, so it would be more like a half shank, and where it attaches at the stone, it could be similar to a filigree design, so you still see the stone, but gives some support. but that is just me, you would still see the stone, and have the support of the silver.

  3. Oh, that is sad! I know just how you feel as I have done similar things.

    You just have to let it go! I find I have to get it entirely out of my space before something else will take its place. That means - sorry - throwing it out!
    Fox : 0

  4. Gina, Sometimes it is getting someone to do the repairs.

    Bri's Bit, Thanks so much for your comment. I was contemplating it and took the ring to the shop once.

    Fox, I love this piece too much.

  5. Oh what a pity, something so different and a one off are so hard to replace.
    I hope one day you find a replacement.