Thursday 21 July 2011

Christmas 2011 Snowflake #33

Thought I should not neglect my snowflake challenge so this month I will tat a few. This is #33 and I went back to Susanne Schwenke's Spitzen Ideen book for this one on pp 24. Tatted in white Size 40 threads from my bargain ball - La Primera Cotton Lace Yarn from Japan but it is made in Turkey. That 50g ball is slowly diminishing and I am smiling. Why? I can buy more threads. I have storage boxes full of threads and I want to buy more. That's the way it is.

This pattern looks challenging and that it why I passed on it earlier but it is actually quite easy to tat. I love the effect. It reminds me of those trees in architectural drawings.


  1. Lovely. I think we can all relate to the wanting to buy more thread while boxes of it already languish in our homes!

  2. Beautiful, and lovely snowflake.