Thursday 7 July 2011

Madagascar Almond

This tree fascinates me. The tree structure and the variegated leaves are what caught my eye. Terminalia mantaly 'Tricolor' is endemic to Madagascar. I did see this tree in small pots in a nursery but unfortunately we could not stop to get it and it will be a while before we make a trip back there. I would love to have it in a pot in my balcony. It may not survive but where else could I plant this.

It reminded me of the Terminalia catappa (also called the sea almond) trees along Ayer Rajah Road back in the 1980s. If you have seen both trees, you might think it strange. I made many trips crossing that road lined with the Ketapang trees. It made that road so shady and the ground was always covered with its leaves. It is all gone now as Ayer Rajah Road is now part of the expressway.


  1. Very interesting trees, you post the prettiest things, tatted or non-tatted

  2. What a fantastic tree. i love it. Never seen it before. My mind says it has a smell like a Cedar??? Does it smell at all?
    Fox : )

  3. Pretty things catch my eye. Glad you enjoy them too, Ladytats.

    Hi Fox, no scent of any kind from this tree.

  4. What lovely trees! They evoke SUCH a peacefulness! So sad about the ones from earlier times... Glad you shared your memories AND the current sighting :-)