Saturday 30 July 2011

Christmas 2011 Snowflake #35

This was fun and fast to tat. The pattern is from Susanne Schwennke's Mustersammlung book on page 36. Tatted in one round using 2 shuttles. Using size 40 threads, 3m was needed in Shuttle 1 and 6m on Shuttle 2.


  1. Your instructions for thread lengths are really great! I am going to add them right into my book!
    Fox : )

  2. A very pretty star pattern! It's amazing this can be done in one pass.

    You're well on your way to your goal of 40 snowflakes, and you're working on other projects as well! It's difficult keeping up with you.

    I also want to give you the highest marks for the exquisite drawn-thread handkerchief you sent to Gina, with the perfect tatted lace edging. A lovely gift!

  3. Ooh! So pretty! Now I have the urge to abandon my doily and work on snowflakes. No. No. No. I must finish the doily.

    Whew! I just realized I don't have that book. I'm safe!

    The hanky you sent Gina was stunning! I'm having trouble catching up to you! : )

  4. Thanks Kathy and Diane.
    I'm glad Gina liked her hanky too.

    Fox, If you refer to some of the other patterns ia have posted, I did note down the amount of thread used. If not just ask, I may have it jotted down in the book itself.

    I know some of these patterns are not technically snowflakes but since they can go on the tree, I am counting them in.

  5. I love this pattern, it looks like little gingerbread men are standing around the center ring !

  6. Beautiful pattern, looks so much like a snowflake.

  7. I love that snowflake design! :) It reminds me of crystals. :)