Wednesday 27 July 2011

Christmas 2011 Snowflake #34

A mistake which ended up into an adaptation of the pattern but I could not let it go and had to tat another following the pattern exactly. Talk about an obsession.

Pattern is from Susanne Schwenke's Spitzen Ideen book on page 20. Used up quite a bit of Size 40 threads - 5m on Shuttle 1 and 8.5m on Shuttle 2. It is a nicely shaped star and you could reduce the number of arms to 5 or 6. Can you see the Ws?

Only managed to tat 2 snowflakes so far this month. 40 snowflakes was my target before 25 Dec 2011. Now to tat some from the Mastersammlung book.


  1. The negative space in this one is gorgeous.

  2. It's a good obsession! And well worth it. i like the second one you attempted much better!
    Love this book. : ))

  3. I actually like your version better, but the original version is very interesting. It looks like horned owls around the edge of it.

  4. So are these 34 & 35 or 33 and 34? Either way, I think you'll reach your goal without any trouble. I love your work, and I am amazed at how much tatting you get done!

  5. Great starflake and snowflake!!! :)

  6. I hope you manage your goal, beautiful snowflakes, somehow knowing you from pervious posts you will do your goal,

  7. Michelle, You did see the Ws.

    Fox and Miranda, You each chose one so I think each has a place on the tree.

    Miranda, It does look like horned owls.

    Eliz, It is 34. But it could be 34 and 35. I tat every free moment I get.

    Love the term starflake. Thanks God's Kid.

    Margaret, I try and am determined.