Monday 23 May 2011

Angeline's Travelling Book Adventure - Setting Small Doilies Together

I wanted to try this - 4 coasters joined with a small motif in the centre. The coaster pattern is called Edge of Triplet Coaster with Square (pp165) and the pattern for the small motif which joins all four together is on page 205. The tatting sequence suggested you tat the 3 coasters first, then the joining motif and last - the 4th coaster. I did just that but with an adaptation . . . as a result of misreading the pattern. Yup!! My coasters has only 12 instead of 16 rings in the 2nd round so the joining motif is also smaller by one round. I used Lizbeth Size 40 threads in #633 Dark Purple and #113 Jewels.

I also leave you with this other tip from Angeline Crichlow, which I wrote in my tatting note book.

Happy Tatting!


  1. Man, you are one FAST tatter! This is pretty.

    I hate to sound like such a dummy, but what does "loose stitches" mean?

    Fox : )

  2. Hi Fox,

    Angeline Crichlow's tip is that you tat loosely i.e. when you make your knots, do not pull too tight but when you close your rings, make sure you pull tight.

    I tried it but it was difficult to keep a uniform tension. I guess practice makes perfect.

  3. Hi, umintsuru,
    I thought that is what she meant, but wanted to hear a clarification.

    I have always wondered about how tight to make the knots as I love the look of them when they are uniform in size, but not too tightly formed. I like the look better than a tight knot and then a pulled tight ring as well.

    I suppose you are right - just LOTS of practice! Just another something to keep in mind when working the shuttles!

  4. you did an absolute beautiful job on this, just beautiful!