Wednesday 18 May 2011

Angeline's Travelling Book Adventure - Butterflies

 Small Butterfly (pp 293)

 Larger Double Wing Butterfly (pp294)

Lacy Butterfly (pp295)

I tried all 3 small butterflies in Angeline Crichlow's book. I like the shape of the first one. The second one has the shape of the first but has an added wing. The third one has the same body but lacier wings.


  1. I like these, the first two especially. I've already forgotten so much of what I saw in Angeline's book. Every person seems to bring up something different if they talk about it. I think you're the first who has actually tatted something from the book and shown it!

  2. I appreciate your comments noting the similarities and differences in the patterns, too.

  3. Wonderful butterflies for summertime!! :)

  4. My favourite is the Double Wing butterfly.