Friday 6 May 2011

Angeline's Travelling Book Adventure - Centipede Edging

Fox of Tat-ology organized this to share her book. This book is on an adventure, travelling the world visiting tatters. Thank you Fox for your kind generosity. Read about it here.

I received the book last Thursday from Arty Lady in Australia and immediately started reading it. By that night I had identified something to tat.

It was the story that Angeline wrote accompanying this pattern on page 91 that drew me to it. I have had similar experiences with centipedes when I was young and I remember grandma telling my sister and I to stay away from them. We had quite a number of them crawling into our house in those days.

Blocking this required a whole lot of pins but it is definitely necessary. I used Coats Size 40 Shade 700 for this. I was contemplating cutting the picots but decided not to.


  1. What an amazing bit of tatting! I never would have imagined the original pattern would look so spectacular when tatted a) in colour, and b) tatted with such with finesse! And a generous amount of picot adjustment! This is terrific.

    Centipedes must be in the air - so to speak - as Tatskool has a beauty on her blog also!

    Good to hear you are having fun with Angeline!
    Fox : )

  2. Very nice. reminds me of a centipede.
    color certainly makes a pattern look different doesn't it?

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed Let's Tat! I'm glad you're enjoying it as well. Fox's generosity is astounding!

  4. You always do SUCH BEAUTIFUL work! And who knew.. centipedes??!! I was wondering what you would find in the traveling book - it will be fun to watch the next four weeks to see what else you find in there!! ~Tatikan/Sher

  5. Hello Wendy, Your tatting is always wonderful and what a neat idea to have a book travel around the world. Hugs Judy