Thursday, 16 October 2008

Tatted butterflies for Vanessa

The photo shows Vanessa's butterfiles which I tatted for her. She will use some in a CQ collage for her daughter who is getting married. It arrived safe and sound so I can now show you the photo of her butterflies. I wanted her to see it first. It took some time to arrive and I was afraid it got lost in the mail, so I started making some more. I think I know what to do with them. They will be my October giveaway which I will put up next week. Do look out for them. Vanessa, you are most welcome to join, too. I normally use Size 20 threads but only recently I discovered HDT from Sherry and Size 80 threads. I love her HDTs. It is still easier to tat with Size 20 but some projects should be done in Size 80 especially if you want the extra delicate lacey look.


  1. I forgot to mention to Vanessa that the butterflies were tatted using Anchor, DMC and Olympus variegated threads,Size 20.