Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Hari Raya

We visited a friend RZ for Hari Raya today. She had an open house. We have been faithful visitors to her place every Hari Raya for a few years now. We love the spicy food that her mom prepares and at least if we do not see old friends, this is one excuse to meet.

Hari Raya literally translates to ‘a day of celebration’, celebrating the end of a month of day fasting for the Muslims. In Singapore it is one day off work/school but in Malaysia, we could end up with a week off school.

We also talked about our intended trip to Shanghai in December to visit another good friend who’s been working there since July. RZ just lost her sick cat. The little one had liver failure and passed away last week after many blood tests, x-ray and tube feeding. Makes me think of my Umi and Tsuru and being thankful that they are healthy. I am giving them extra hugs today.

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