Tuesday 7 March 2017

Spring Tree (HMK 4)

I used the new Victor threads. Although it is listed as Size 40, it felt more like a Size 20 to me. It is not as smooth as other threads I have used but it was a nice alternative.

This pattern is lovely but I am biased towards Josephine knots. Tatted in two rounds using two shuttles. It would look even more delicate in a smaller thread.

Note the Josephine knot in between two rings in the outermost round. Also the mirror image of the 3 rings. I thought those were nice design elements.


  1. It looks tricky to tat, you've done a really good job.

  2. Nice work! Thread and design can throw curves at us. I agree about Josephine Knots. There has to be a good reason for using them or I tend to just do a small, simple ring. :)

  3. Lovely pattern I agree the JK rings do give another element to the pattern

  4. Your tatting is always a pleasure to see! The chains are nice and even, and the Josephine knots do add to the design, which is quite appealing.