Friday 3 March 2017

Shiny Black Coat

Look at those green eyes. This cat has a shiny coat of fur and looks so handsome. You may have noticed its clipped right ear. Yes, it is a stray cat but it has been fed well. While we were there, we saw how annoyed it looked when a toddler was trying to play with it. Then a kind lady fed it with a whole can of cat food. It ate it up in a flash. That can would have lasted Tsuru 4 meals. It has a healthy appetite and I wondered if the kind lady fed it every day? 


  1. In most places, a feral cat with a clipped ear has been caught and neutered. Which means it will live a longer life...

    A handsome kitty!

  2. For a stray he's in good condition and looks in good health.

  3. That s a beautiful fellow!