Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Cute Christmas Wreath (HMK 8)

The ending was a little tricky. I am sure I made a mistake at the end with the top motif. Just that it is not obvious. I do like the intertwined long picots. 

It was tat, unpick, tat, unpick, tat unpick, tat! The second motif with beads showed the mistake at the ends so I had to tat and re-tat several times. I wanted to figure it out myself although you could follow the video with the QR code in the Ha Mi-Kyoung book.

Top is tatted in Lizbeth Size 40 Col. 185 Artic Waters.  Love this colourway. Bottom is tatted with Miyuki Delica beads DB622.


  1. I love intertwined picots as well - Martha Ess does lovely patterns for them.

    Very pretty!

  2. Those are lovely! Worth figuring out.

  3. Amazing intricate pattern, and unusual with the twisted picots. I do like the one with the beads. Lots of intricate work here!

  4. It looks a lovely pattern but that edge looks a bit tricky

  5. They are lovely, and yes we are all getting very good at tatting :)