Thursday 23 October 2014

Under An African Sky Doily Challenge Update 3

This is week 3 since we started. Are you excited to see the trees? 

Doily #1
Doily #2

Let's see what the other participants are doing:


  1. Love it and your model is almost as cute as mine ha ha ha!

  2. They are both lovely, I like them both, and I love the way Tsuru has got in the picture.
    Love and a cuddle to him.

  3. 2 of those at the same time??? Wow!!! I don't think I could even handle one, but since I am preoccupied with other tatting I am not even trying. :)
    Yours look fabulous!, and that is an interesting cat adornment!! :)

  4. Doily #1 is stunning ! Love the colors you've used. The variegation Does work beautifully :-)

  5. I like your African doily very much, and I am excited to see just how fast some people can tat!!

  6. I'm very excited to see the trees (looking great)! I got a big kick out of seeing Tsuru decked out (like an elephant!) with her very own beautiful African Sky 'blanket'! It's just amazing to see how quickly you are doing this plus starting another! It's fun to see the different colors that everyone is choosing!

  7. Tsuru was not too pleased. She never is when having her photo taken.