Wednesday 8 October 2014

Animals for Under An African Sky Doily

I wondered if the Lizbeth Zebra thread would work for these animals but I agree with some of you that the outline of the animals may be lost. The top animals are 2 chains short. Maybe my VSPs are not small enough but the bottom two looks a little too long?


  1. Having not seen the pattern only the finished mat on Janes blog, I would say the top two would be better. I could be totally wrong

  2. I love the striped ones. They look like the small goats that you see everywhere in Africa.

  3. You're getting good practice doing these! They look like a real challenge to connect when it's time to do so. I believe the all-black is the best color for visual effect, although I understand wanting to represent the zebra!

    I'm still amused by that bus!