Thursday 9 October 2014

Under An African Sky Doily Challenge Update 1

It has been a week since we started. This is my progress so far besides the 1st round of the trees and experimenting with the animals. Tatted in Lizbeth 20 Falling Leaves #100 (sun) and Carribean #122 (sky).

Another tip for the interlocking rings, After completing the last ring, I find that it is important to anchor your threads to the base of your first ring before tying a knot to finish.

Links to see other participants here:


If I missed your name, please drop me a comment or e-mail.

Also wanted to show you what Carollyn has tatted. I think it is a lovely piece.


  1. I'd like to join. I've already started too. Thank you very much.

  2. Love the beautiful colors you are using!! :)
    Your link for Carollyn's doily is missing the "t" in the beginning of the web address.

    1. Sorry about that. I fixed the link. Thanks so much.

  3. It is looking very good! Unusual colours.

    Am flummoxed by the interlocking rings though I gave it an honest attempt. It looked awful...So, rushing along... We’ll see what eventuates!

  4. Oh this is a pretty start in the sky wow great colors too!

  5. Hmmm, lovely sunset after a beautiful day!!

  6. Very colorful! And nice to see so many participants. I did marvel at Carollyn's stunning Sunset version when she completed it!

  7. I had fun with the interlocking rings too. I think it's one of those techniques that needs practice!!!!

    Enjoying the tat tho!!

  8. I'm so glad to hear that. If you have photos to show us, I would be happy to post them for you here.

  9. Beautiful and I love your colours you are using. It's going to look beautiful when you have finished it.

  10. As you saw on my blog I got half way through the second round . Oh but I noticed right after I posted that on my blog and I made a mistake 😧
    I missed a ring , I was tatting only two steps instead of three. So I am going to redo it this weekend. I found the interlocking rings very easy after I got the hang of the loop before and after the scmr. Round 2 is very very easy. I will post on Tuesday. My granddaughters have a four day weekend
    And it doesn't leave me much free time.