Monday 6 January 2014


Pattern by Iris Niebach in Fantasia 4
Lizbeth 40 Charcoal Medium
This is not good at all.  I am always hesitant to do the Cluny leaf and this pattern called for one. Instead, I went with a simple ring. After tatting one motif, I wanted to continue to tat 5 more to join and make a doily. It was then I realized I made a mistake in the first one. Now I am left with two with the same mistake. I'm sorry Iris, I did not do justice to this pattern. 

What's next? I think I will try Paris.


  1. This is not like you, I thought how nice the little motifs were until I read your write up. Looking forward to seeing the next piece.

    1. Yes, but I got anxious. Once something goes wrong. it almost always repeats. And it should be tatted with a Cluny.

  2. They're cute - they look like little jumping pixies! Tat them in red and green and they would be wonderful decorations.

  3. Wow. The pixie hat is exactly where I went wrong.