Tuesday 14 January 2014

Annalisa WIP

Fox and I decided to tat this together. It is a Iris Niebach pattern - Annalisa. It is tatted in one round which makes it so wonderful but the twists and turns will challenge you. After the first repeat, it does get easier and the reward is a beautifully designed pattern.

You see I was quite intimidated by the pattern that I tatted the easiest variation - Annamaria, first time round. Yes, again it was Fox that instigated it by tatting it first here. Mine is here.

I am beginning to see the beauty of tatting in Size 80 threads. It is a pain to unpick but the tatting turns out so delicate. I may just try it again with the last variation of this pattern - Annarita.


  1. Looking beautiful, I know I love this colour thread, but it really looks lovely in this pattern.

  2. Beautiful! Tatting in size 80 is so delicate looking. Both you and Fox did great on this.

  3. Did I already comment? I love it! It looks far neater than mine- NOT that I am comparing! : ))

    Yes, I agree: #80 threads are beautiful to work with, as long as you do not make mistakes. Like you, I now have a hole in my finger! But, I must say it has been more than worth it. Great pattern.

  4. That is tatted in one round? Amazing! The center reminds me of a lotus flower. :)