Friday 27 December 2013

Hanky Sachet #3

I found more of these hankies. Bought 6 in a pack in 3 different colours.
Edged with this.
Folded the corners in and sewed four lines 0.5 inches in from folded edges.
Looped the ribbons through. 
Back View
Pull the ribbons on both ends and tie a bow.
Hanky Sachet ready for use.

Instructions for making the hanky sachet is found here


  1. What a great idea - I love this. Such a pretty way to package a sachet! And your tatted edge is gorgeous too :)

  2. The edging looks lovely with that hanky. It makes such a pretty sachet.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful instructions. Very beautiful!!

  4. This really turned out nice. And thank you for showing how you make up the sachet. Karen in OR