Wednesday 11 September 2013

Stawasz WIP

Which pattern is this?


  1. Very pretty in the 78 in that book I think :-) Absolutely lovely...will look forward to seeing the next row.

  2. Oh so gorgeous!!! Fabulous color and design!!! :)

  3. I see you and I made the same error! The last chain where there are two picots on the end curve should actually have four picots! I faked it on my version which I soon shall post.
    : ))

  4. Das sieht schön aus. Wird die nächste Runde auch noch geknüpft?
    Lieben Gruß Cornelia

  5. Hi Cornelia, This is still round 1. I will end and start round 2 next.

    Hi Fox, Yes, now why did we make the same mistake?

    Hi Michelle, Sue and Julie, I like the colour and design but perhaps I should have gone with a more neutral colour.