Friday 6 September 2013

Goods of Desire

This is the entrance to a shop called Goods of Desire. I think it is a franchise from Hong Kong. I was attracted by the large lampshades hung here. Within is an escalator which brings you up to the shop on the 2nd floor. Lots of contemporary designs of home decor items based on Chinese motifs. Quite an interesting shop. The only thing I desired was a breakfast-in-bed table made of bamboo which I thought I could use to write on when I was sitting at the sofa. Then I remembered I have a foldable breakfast-in-bed table at home which I never use. Of course it does not look as compact, sleek and modern as the bamboo one which I desired.


  1. Stunning photo of the red lampshades framed by the architecture of the building. Really nice effect.

  2. Need a photo of the desired breakfast-in-bed table, please.

  3. Thank you mb.

    Sorry HJ, I did not take a photo of it.