Saturday 7 September 2013

Milva WIP

I stopped here because I found I had a missing ring. But it should be easy to fix. This is planned to edge a hand towel but I guess it could also work for a round doily. Yes, I got another batch of hand towels to edge.

I enjoyed tatting this so much. This pattern is by Iris Niebach in her Fantasia 3 book on page 16. I used the Daiso thread in Size 40 in peach and apple green. The colours do not shown up well in these photos. It is tatted in 3 continuous rounds and I thought the play with two colours was quite interesting. My regret was that the colours I chose was not contrasting enough. I loved the long twisted interwoven picots although mine should have been a little shorter. 

Do try this pattern. I had so much fun with it. Thank you, Iris.


  1. It is a very unique design and very pretty!! Love the colors you chose too!! :)

  2. I do love Iris's patterns, so I guess I should pull my copy of the book off the shelf and give it a go. Your tatting looks wonderful!

  3. That is very pretty. It will make a nice edging.

  4. Thank you God's Kid.

    Diane, hope it inspires you.

    Ladytats, not only pretty but very interesting to tat too.